The holiday treats begin flowing into our homes and offices, while we get ready to say goodbye to 2019… but the end of the year still approaches with its own truckload of "to do" lists.

So, if the smell of gingerbread and fresh pine trees doesn’t leave you feeling so wonderful, that's okay, you're not alone! It’s no secret that things emotions and introspection intensified around this season.

A study by Healthline found that 62% of people feel their stress level increase during the holiday season... And quite easy to see why!

To make it all a little more manageable, we’ve gathered together some of our favorite tips to help feel a little more content/in control.

  1. 1
    Buy Yourself Time

A study by Princeton University discovered that money could (sometimes) buy happiness. Okay, okay, slow your roll...  It's a little more complicated than that! The researchers observed that paying others to do chores one dreads may lead to more happiness. Thus, the trick is to use your money to buy time rather than things. So, if you're one of those people who doesn’t enjoy cooking and would instead order in, do it! Spend less time on activities that don't bring you joy, so you have more time for those that do.

  1. 2
    No Junk

We just want to make sure you don’t take our previous tip as permission to fill your fridge with calorie-dense junk food! Nah-ah! We’re still aiming for nutritionally balanced meals, everyone… Eating well supports our bodies and helps us better handle stress, which comes in handy during this particular season!

  1. 3
    Sched​ule Something Fun

A constant march towards taxing obligations will wear anyone down. It may seem very counterintuitive to add in more tasks, but it's important to leave the world of responsibility for a breather to avoid burning out. You'll be no good to anyone in a state of hysteria! Rebalance, recharge and regain perspective. Go out for dinner with a friend, get a massage or lay by the pool! Anything that helps your mind slow down. (And you can rest assured your kids safe and entertained with EHN’s very best! 😉)

  1. 4
    Stop Fortu​ne Tel​ling

Quit predicting negative outcomes. The steady drumbeat of hardship is so damaging to our wellbeing!

Researchers from Colorado College examined the results of being told you’re getting enough sleep, even if you weren't. The results showed that if you believe that you’re well-rested, you will perform better, despite the actual quality of your sleep. However, regularly expressing how tired you are, as so often happens in our culture, can be harmful to your performance. Therefore, continually telling ourselves that the world is making us miserable, will make us miserable...

So, when you’re tackling your truckload of “to do” lists, don’t be a hero, ask for help. Make sure you take those breaks and no prophecies of logistical nightmares! The Christmas dinner won’t burn in the oven and presents will make it under the tree just fine... 😊

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