New Online Consultation for Expectant and New Mothers

Emirates Home Nursing supports the stay-at-home drive and urges our community in the UAE to practice social distancing. To support our healthcare system and relief medical workers, we join global efforts to encourage patients and residents to avoid visiting hospitals except in emergencies. 

We continue to offer value packages for childcare, healthcare, prenatal and newborn care at home, we are expanding our offers to include online checkups and follow-ups for expectant and new mothers

Pregnant women, babies and toddlers are often considered at a higher than average risk of infection. Our online services offer expert consultations during your pregnancy without exposing you or your baby to the risk of direct contact with your care provider.

Reach out to our Midwife Anoesjka for all your prenatal, newborn and parenting concerns or call us at 800NURSING6877464.

We are here to help you from the comfort of your own home.

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