Emirates Home Nursing offer care to women before, during and after their pregnancy. This includes prenatal education and support, childbirth and post-natal education as well as new-born consultations. Our services ensure that women and their babies receive a continuum of skilled care during pregnancy, delivery, and in the critical days and weeks after birth, all in the comfort of their home.

We offer workshops and events which provide an opportunity for mothers and parents-to-be to build connections with other likeminded couples.

Our experienced and highly qualified midwife and baby specialists offer:

  • Regular check-in’s on baby’s development
  • Education & advice at each stage of the journey
  • Opportunity to meet likeminded parents to be
  • Peace of mind for mum and dads
  • Help in the comfort of your own home
  • Emotional & psychological support

We offer workshops and events which provide an opportunity for mothers and parents-to-be to build connections with other likeminded couples.

Well-Woman Care & Health Before Pregnancy

Our midwife will provide a full spectrum of guidance and support to women through their lifespan. She will offer education on living a healthy lifestyle and protecting your fertility, birth control, and how to space pregnancies as well as learn from your past pregnancies.

Pre-Natal Education Classes

We offer a wide range of antenatal classes putting you in charge. Simply select your topic, location and time to best fit your life and style.

Home Pregnancy Check-Ups

The prenatal visits will include checking maternal vitals, pregnancy progress, baby’s position, examining baby’s health, where mothers can have easy and reliable access to CTG monitoring in the comfort of their home, allowing a woman to listen to her baby’s heartbeat at any time. Our midwife will offer the interpretation and description of the results as well as a copy that can be later shared with treating physician if required. The midwife will function as the coordinator between doctor and hospital to ensure that both mother and baby are in good health throughout the various stages of pregnancy.

Post-Natal Support & Newborn Home Consultations

This includes an in-depth newborn assessment with a report and picture to celebrate your baby. We offer assistance and education on breastfeeding, sleep training and routines, the proper way of holding a newborn, baby bathing, using milk pumps, and ensuring the mother’s recovering is going well, both physically and emotionally.

Post-Natal Education & Workshops

  • ​First Aid for parents and nannies
  • ​Sleep training
  • ​Breastfeeding
  • Other bespoke including newborn care, safety when travelling and more

Newborn Care Services

Newborn care nurses can help parents navigate the first overwhelming weeks with a baby.

Our dedicated and passionate team of neonatal nurses will provide you with the support you need, serve as reliable resources, and will ease your worry and anxiety. EHN’s newborn care nurses are also qualified and experienced in multiples and preemie care.

We also provide Night Nurses so both parents can rest during a critical recovery and transition time.

Our nurse will assist you with:

  • Sterilizing and preparing bottles
  • Feeding baby
  • Diaper changing
  • Getting baby on a feeding and sleeping routine
  • Bathing
  • Baby Massage
  • Total night care
  • Soothing and swaddling techniques
  • Measures to prevent or ease colic and reflux in babies
  • Tracking your newborn’s progress and keeping parents informed as much as they request

All our newborn care providers are registered nurses, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing or Midwifery with years of experience in pediatrics and NICU departments. They all hold a valid Basic Life Support and First Aid Certification.

Our services are tailored to meet parents’ personal needs and range from 6 hours a day to 24/7 care patterns. We are also offering a free consultation from Lead Midwife Anoesjka with every weekly or monthly newborn care service booked

Breastfeeding consultations

Feeding consultations with Lead Midwife Anoesjka are offered in the comfort and privacy of your home and scheduled at your convenience.

Anoesjka will start with an assessment that involves a physical exam of the mother’s breasts and baby’s mouth structure, as well as a baby weight check. She will also observe a full feed to assess milk transfer and assist the mother with breastfeeding positions and corrections where necessary.

She will help tailor solutions to commonly experienced challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers. These include, but are not limited to, sore nipples, milk supply issues, breast refusal, infections – thrush/ mastitis, and tongue tie.

Anoesjka will also be available to support via phone, WhatsApp, or emails before and after the consultation to help you continue your successful breastfeeding journey.

Sleep consultations

Lead Midwife Anoesjka offers sleep consultations for families and their babies. Anoesjka will conduct an initial assessment which involves information gathering to understand the history to date fully, your current sleep routines and goals. Together, you will develop a concrete plan to get your whole family sleeping better, built around your needs and parenting style.

Following a full assessment, Anoesjka will meet the parents in person in the comfort of their own home. The discussion will centre around your personalised sleep plan, and everything needed to establish a good sleep routine.

Anoesjka will also be available to support via phone, WhatsApp, or emails on before and after the consultation to help you with establishing the routine or sleep training.


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Post-Operative CarE

We provide professional nursing care to help patients recuperate after a surgery and reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

Senior Care

We support the elderly with activities of daily living, including bathing and dressing, meal assistance and medication reminders.

Looking for a Physiotherapist?

We offer a broad range of treatments for sports injuries and orthopaedic, neurological and respiratory conditions.

Palliative Care

We meet individual care needs and help improve quality of life for those suffering from an incurable disease.


Home care services covering all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, including information and consultation during pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care...


If you need a break as a regular caregiver, we are happy to provide expert, temporary care for the sick or disabled for as long as you need.

New-born & Childcare
New-Born Care

We enable you to pick up new skills as well as benefit from quality care for your little bundle of joy.

Child Care

We look after your child and monitor their development, diet and sleeping patterns while you are away.

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