Is Fasting Good for your Health? 5 Myths of Fasting – Debunked

Ramadan this year brings along several health concerns in light of the Coronavirus spread. From compromising your immune system to keeping the virus at bay through drinking water, we debunk the myths surrounding fasting during the holy month.  

Myth: Fasting can compromise the immune system 

Reality: Fasting improves your immune system  

According to scientific research, fasting triggers cell regeneration which could regenerate the immune system and reproduce new white blood cells with a stronger ability to fight disease.  

Myth: You need to drink water every 15 minutes to prevent the coronavirus

Reality: Drinking will not prevent anyone from catching the coronavirus  

Healthcare providers warn against believing homegrown social media advice to prevent the coronavirus and instead following recommendations from official sources.  Recently many social media posts encouraged drinking water every 15 minutes and gurgling. While this can keep your body hydrated, doctors say it will not prevent anyone from getting the virus.  

Myth: People Gain Weight During Ramadan  

Reality: Fasting Aids Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism  

Iftar feasts and Arabian sweets can be tempting, but if you stick to healthy eating habits, fasting can aid weight loss by limiting calorie intake and boosting your metabolism. According to a research published by Pubmed, fasting can increase metabolic rate between 3.6 to 14%.  

Myth: Fasting Makes you Lose Focus   

Reality: Fasting Improves Brain Function  

Fasting reduces brain over-activity, allowing you to focus on your tasks. Various studies proved that fasting enhances memory performance, cognitive behavior and reduces depression activity.  

Myth: Fasting Cause Fatigue  

Reality: Fasting can Boost your Energy Levels  

There is a misconception that fasting can leave you feeling tired and low on energy, but, scientifically, limiting the intake of carbohydrates and sugar over a long period of time will prompt your body to use stored fats for energy and therefore boosting energy levels. At the same time your body will be releasing growth hormone and regulating insulin levels to create an energy mix in your body.  


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