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Physiotherapy is a treatment which takes a ‘whole person approach’. Therapists will look at the patient's health, wellbeing and lifestyle. It can help prevent injury, maintain good posture, alleviate muscle and joint pain, prepare patients to recover after surgery, and much more.

The treatment can help restore movement and muscle functions to someone who was affected by an injury or illness. Anyone can benefit from physiotherapy at any time in their life.

Here at Emirates Home Nursing our in-house physiotherapists are able to help you from the comfort of your home. DHA licensed physiotherapist, Surya Lenvin, offers some advice on how to prevent injury.

  • The most important tip is knowing your body. Listen to your body and learn your body’s limitations. If any activity starts to cause pain in your muscles or joints, you need to stop right away. Never exercise to the point of pain.
  • Always talk to your doctor or physiotherapist before starting an exercise program. They can advise whether you are healthy and strong enough to exercise; or if you need to make any modifications to the exercise program and to your lifestyle.
  • If you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis, non-impact exercises, such as swimming or using the elliptical machine are ideal for you. These exercises can give you the aerobic conditioning you need without stressing your joints.
  • Always wear the correct shoes when performing any physical ability. Comfortable trainers or sneakers that provide good arch support and have a cushioned heel to absorb shock are the best.
  • Before beginning any exercise, it is important to warm up as the increased blood flow to your muscles will lower the risk of injury - cold muscles are more injury prone. Your warm-up should be active, meaning that you briskly walk and do dynamic stretches for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid passive stretches, where you assume a position and hold it, and instead opt for stretches where movement is involved, such as arm swings or leg lifts.

If you do get an injury, consider getting treatment as early as possible. Physiotherapy will help you to decrease pain, improve joint mobility, and increase strength and coordination. Waiting until your body stops hurting or stopping exercise all together can lead to further injury.

Whether you are living with a chronic illness, recovering from a sports injury or suffering from back pain; we can all benefit from home physiotherapy.

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